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The Nordic Projekt is a Swedish group. The founders, Andreas and Jonna Roxe, natives of Sweden, arrived in Barcelona in 2006, coming from Mexico after previous experiences in other countries such as Australia and the United States.
Natural-born entrepreneurs, and after over 10 years of manufacturing reading glasses for other brands, they created their own firm, Nordic Vision, with Jordi Ribas joining them as the group’s manager. Nordic Vision allows them to employ all their experience in the industry on renewing and improving a product that’s been around forever.
Optical quality in the pharmaceutical world
Nordic Vision’s objective is to take optical quality to the pharmaceutical world, while turning the traditional way of selling a product into a completely novel system..

With the perfect combination of Nordic functionality and Mediterranean style, in 2015 Nordic Vision launched a new concept that was nothing short of a revolution in the pharmacy world: the Nordic 360º concept, which proposed not only the glasses and all their quality and benefits, but also a revolutionary, patented sales system.

An innovative system that solved all the headaches created by sales of reading glasses for pharmacists up to then. A self-service display in which customers themselves can choose the model that favours them the most, with the graduation they need, and they only have to go to the counter to pay for the product. This represents a huge time savings for pharmacists and allows them to quickly check any needed stock, which is stored in the display itself. It also represents an increase in sales, while optimizing high-turnover products based on real-time data from the market.
Nordic Vision is also characterized by periodically launching novelties. In 2017 it launched Perspektiv, a line of The Nordic Projekt that offers a range of products and seeks to make the latest fashion trends accessible to everyone. Its display is derived from the patented sales system of The Nordic Projekt.

Screen Glasses, special glasses for digital display devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.), absorb over 51% of blue-violet light, versus the typical 36% of other brands. It is the only product certified internationally by Bureau Veritas, with the highest absorption coefficient in the market.

Some other great products include Make-up glasses, which allow you to put on make-up despite vision problems; Easy Duo glasses, reading glasses with a removable, polarized sun lens for reading outdoors; and Folding glasses for using a computer.

For 2020, it plans on coming out with Voare, glasses (Premium Eyewear) that protect eyes from the harmful blue light of computer screens, with the highest absorption capacity in the market and the only one with the Bureau Veritas seal of quality. With a magnetized lens that is only 0.7 mm thick, they are transformed into ultra-polarized sunglasses in just one click.


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