We take Optical Quality to the pharmacy.

Innovation. Always ahead, with this innovative spirit according to which we’ve changed the world of reading glasses,we’re re-interpreting an outdated and outmoded product and turning it into something modern, fresh, topical and needed.

We’ve revolutionized the sale of reading glasses through a dynamic and patented sales system that puts an end to all the disadvantages created by the sale of this product for pharmacists, thereby positioning us as market leaders.

We offer the most comprehensive range of products, with such as Screen Glasses for adults and children, which are the only glasses for screens certified by Bureau Veritas and have the highest blue light absorption in Europe, in addition to the Folding, EASY DUO and Lens Care lines.

Points of sale


We offer a Designer product based not only on aesthetics but also on functionality and maximum comfort, designed and planned according to the user’s needs and the latest trends in the market and society, coupled with the most advanced technology using the highest-quality materials , and following the latest fashion trends.

Nordic Vision presents new collections every three months.

We work with the latest lens technologies, including  extra hardness, water-repellent and anti-reflective treatments, thereby reducing eye strain.

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